“I’m writing on behalf of both Maureen and myself to thank you for the work you’ve done on our home.  As we have said before, we have really appreciated the excellent communication that you have maintained throughout the project.  We have felt like we were continually in the loop, and there were no surprises.

“Your architectural training has also been a real plus.  You have collaborated with us to take our input and create a result that not only met our requirements, but also added elements of style and detail that would have otherwise been absent;  and the project is better because of your ideas.

“We also liked being able to benefit from your expertise in green technology.  Your insulation and ventilation suggestions were very timely, and we will benefit from them for years to come.

“Lastly, we recognized the efficiency and professionalism of your work crews.  The roofers were fast and their work well done.  Your carpentry crew was exceptional, doing very good work, leaving the job site in good condition every day, and thoughtfully attending to added details in the work as though they themselves would be living with the finished product.

“In sum, we consider the project to be a large success, and we acknowledge the key role that you played.  We would gladly use your services in the future, and would be happy to share our positive experience with any prospective clients.  Thanks, again.”

Doug Hansford and Maureen Dailey
Bloomfield Township

Excellent Communication throughout the Project