“A job took us from our much loved “dream home” on Wing Lake Road to another state.  Eight years later it was time to move back to Michigan.  We saw a lot just 2 lots away from the house we’d sold.  Called a neighbor to ask about the lot and the builder.  He gave the builder excellent reviews — knew Brian both as a neighbor and a leasee in his office space. Called our realtor to help with the purchase.  “No way am I going to let you do this from another state!”  Then she relented and said, “I’m going to vet him.”  Called back to say “No one has anything bad to say about him.”  So we contacted Brian, who is both architect and builder, to come up with a floor plan.  He was knowledgable and creative as well as comfortable to work with.  Really listened to our needs and desires. 

Because we were living in another state, a professional inspector was hired to be our “eyes and ears” during construction.  He mentioned many times what a good builder Brian is — far above and beyond the basic standards required. He is now recommending Brian to others. Many workers coming into the house comment on the quality of workmanship and the extra details that were not glossed over. Friends do the same.

 Brian has high standards, knowledge and skills to “do the job right”, and good relationships with the tradesmen he hires for each task. These same tradesmen have returned to the house to make “fixes” to their work as needed during the first year. I’ll be keeping in touch with many of them for continuing maintenance.

 Another quality to appreciate in Brian is his genuine caring and thoughtfulness.  My husband passed on during construction. Brian’s support is so very much appreciated. And, it’s nice to be back in the Wing Lake neighborhood we left.”

Mary Helen Black
Bloomfield Township

Knowledgeable and Creative